Spring Session Course Offerings 2023


Advanced Scene Study Course

Tuesdays 6-10pm

$150 per month

March 14th – June 6th

In this class, you will be assigned a scene to work with for the entirety of the 12 week course.  You will have a partner for this class with whom you will work intimately and continuously. We will do Meisner repetition, relationship repetition, improvisation, scene analysis, research, door and activity related to the scene, and more!

In this course you will have the experience of immersing yourself in the acting work required to bring life to a piece of text. This class is designed to allow you to experiment without needing to push for results.

The luxury of time is rarely (never) afforded actors during a filming or staging process, and the goal of this long-form study is that you may grow in your passion, your community, and your understanding of the craft. 


Meisner Technique Fundamentals

Thursdays 6pm-9pm

$150 per month

March 16th – June 8th

This class is ideal for the beginning actor looking to develop a process, or the experienced actor looking to deepen their craft.  The class covers the beginning Meisner techniques from the basic word repetition exercise through improvisation.

Outside rehearsal is required in order to progress, but may be conducted over Zoom or the phone.  The focus here is the development of unforced, authentic reality in the actor’s work.

All classes taught by Kjerstine Rose Anderson

Enrollment is audition based.

Schedule audition:

Greenwood Acting Studio

301 NW 82nd St. Seattle, WA


Meisner Technique Based Acting Classes in Seattle, WA

Greenwood Acting Studio is a place of profound transformation and growth. Facilitated by Kjerstine Rose Anderson, we are one of the only acting schools in Seattle to base our teachings in a deceptively simple set of exercises known as the Meisner Technique.

Meisner Technique Acting Class in Seattle, WA
Act before you think. Your instincts are more honest than your thoughts.

- Sanford Meisner

We work together in an actor training technique pioneered by Sanford Meisner. The most basic practice is the “repetition technique.”

Repetition is used as a device for helping actors to abandon the idea that acting is simply talking and to begin to fully be in the moment:

  • Get out of your head.
  • Trust your instincts & spontaneity.
  • Accept & express your full range of emotions.
If you are interested in joining us and changing how you fundamentally think about the art of acting, then give us a call or email for an interview.