Intro to Meisner

Tuesdays, Oct 10 – Nov 12     6-9pm

6 Weeks

Cost: $225

The Introduction to Meisner class is a crash course of the beginning stages of the technique – which will give you a solid foundation of acting skills. This class is a step-by-step progression of exercises that develop the actor’s ability to work organically off what exists, moment by moment, which leads to creating truthful, expressive behavior in acting. This class is perfect for those that are encountering Meisner for the first time and want an introduction.

Intermediate / Advanced Meisner

Thursdays, Oct 12 – Nov 16     6-9pm

6 Weeks

Cost: $225

The advanced Meisner class is centered around three tenets: emotional preparation, repetition, and improvisation.  Advanced students integrate these core components into their work, learning to remain present and engaged with their fellow actors instead of relying solely on rehearsal or memory.  Each student will be assigned a scene partner and learn how to bring dramatic text to life through the use of repetition, improvisation, relationship exploration, and emotional preparation.

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All classes taught by Kjerstine Rose Anderson

Enrollment is audition based.

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Greenwood Acting Studio

301 NW 82nd St. Seattle, WA

Meisner Technique Based Acting Classes in Seattle, WA

Greenwood Acting Studio is a place of profound transformation and growth. Facilitated by Kjerstine Rose Anderson, we are one of the only acting schools in Seattle to base our teachings in a deceptively simple set of exercises known as the Meisner Technique.

Meisner Technique Acting Class in Seattle, WA
Act before you think. Your instincts are more honest than your thoughts.

- Sanford Meisner

We work together in an actor training technique pioneered by Sanford Meisner. The most basic practice is the “repetition technique.”

Repetition is used as a device for helping actors to abandon the idea that acting is simply talking and to begin to fully be in the moment:

  • Get out of your head.
  • Trust your instincts & spontaneity.
  • Accept & express your full range of emotions.
If you are interested in joining us and changing how you fundamentally think about the art of acting, then give us a call or email for an interview.